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“Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” 
-- Vince Lombardi

In this page:

  1. Introduction to CSA
  2. What this program all about?
  3. Why you should support CSA?
  4. Tiers and Perks
  5. This is how the funds are going to be used:
  6. How do you pay and become a supporter?
  7. Questions or Suggestions?

1. Introduction to CSA



The Clean Software Alliance is a non-profit organization, originally established in 2014 by Microsoft, with the main goal of forming a channel of communication between different constituents in the software development, distribution, monetization and policies constituents.

Over the past five years, the Clean Software Alliance (CSA) operated to champion sustainable, consumer-friendly practices within the software distribution ecosystem by establishing and enforcing best practices by and among its members and the industry at large.  Comprised of antimalware vendors, software distribution and monetization firms, and major software platforms, the CSA works across its constituents to codify and operationalize industry best practices through guidelines, policies, and technology that balance the software industry’s needs while preserving customer choice and customer control.

The CSA was incorporated as a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association in the Summer of 2015 to create a self-regulatory environment establishing an environment in which software producers could operate within an agreed set of clean behavior guidelines.  Marketing, distribution and monetization would follow these guidelines and, in turn, the antimalware vendors would build trust with these software producers and have no reason to detect their products. This model has reached the point of initial Guidelines being available; however, there has been some struggle with regards to the concepts of certification, membership, and formal governance.

2. What this program all about?



The CSA is a non-profit organization operating for the benefit of its constituents and their consumers. As such, it has traditionally been sustained by said constituents’ support, funding and contributions. As long as such constituents see CSA as relevant and required for the benefit of their markets, consumers, better communication and certainty, it is expected of them to make a contribution, both with funds and actions. Apart from the monetary contribution, participation in the program is expected to drive action and extra effort in ensuring the proper operation and progress of the CSA. Below you can find some info about the program tiers and perks.


3. Why you should support CSA?



Simply because a non-profit org cannot survive on only of air and volunteering efforts for a long-term period.

You should support the CSA if:

  • You see this as a powerful and meaningful platform where different members of similar industries can agree on self-regulatory efforts that benefit all constituents and drive happier consumers.
  • You believe in the potential the CSA brings to the market and to its current and future constituents.
  • You acknowledge the changes that the CSA brought so far to the relevant markets and would like to help out with bringing to its agenda more actual, relevant and meaningful topics.
  • You want the CSA to hire personnel to handle its day-to-day operations and governance.
  • You like to have an impact and influence in the markets where you play or would like to play.
  • You care about consumers and care about the market’s health.
  • You like to know the rules of the market so you can play better and make better business decisions.
  • You used to attend the CSA events (for free), and/or plan to attend them in the future.

Do not support the CSA if:

  • You’re not planning to abide by the CSA standards and best practices.
  • You no longer believe in the CSA efforts.
  • You don’t wish to be part of the CSA, not even as an observer or conference attendees.


4. Tiers and Perks

For the updated tires and perk visit here.



You don’t like commitments, but you still want to support the CSA. It could be because you still observing, assessing and trying to understand if and how the org can benefit your organization’s purposes and agenda. Or, it could be the philanthropic side of you. This means support which comes with rights but also with obligations, such as spreading the word and engaging relevant individuals and organizations to the CSA audience or operation. This tier would help you to show support on a monthly basis with minimal effort.


You believe in CSA, but are still checking it out, observing and wishing to get the updates of what’s going on, even if not necessarily influencing it too much. You would like to be able to initiate or request sessions, deliver feedback and feel like you are taken into account.


You feel like you’re part of CSA, you believe in its goals, agenda, and activity, so you wouldn’t want it to disappear anytime soon. Further, you believe that participating and being more active in CSA efforts will benefit CSA, your own organization and the market as a whole, so you want to take part.


You want the CSA to develop and evolve beyond what it is these days. You want to have an influence and help with driving a better and a certain market. You want to be able to apply to the advisory board, or operational forum so you’ll have more impact and discussion.


5. This is how the funds are going to be used:


We would like to put our hands where our mouth is, so, subject to the amounts will be raised, the funds will be used for the following purposes:


  • The CSA annual summit (2019). CSA holds its annual (and other events) free of charge to its participants, however, including all perks, benefits and fun.


  • A CSA website. Design, Launch, and maintenance of a functioning and updated website with news, updates, and event.


  • A Full-time admin/ops employee to handle CSA day-to-day matters (even to process and handle this supporting program)
  • A part-time/service provider to drive operation and getting things done, to manage and facilitate communication and engagement
  • Maintenance and corporate costs. Including updating CSA terms, Privacy Policies and other legal docs.
  • Additional and future events to bring all CSA constituents together for additional productive meetings and sessions.

How do you pay and become a supporter?




Actions time: Now that you’ve got all the details, how do you execute?

  • First Step: Read, understand and accept this Support Acknowledgement Form, by signing it.
  • Second Step: Make a one time or direct debit payments according to your selected plan, to the following beneficiary details

Clean Software Alliance Inc.

29 Wells Avenue, Suite 300, Yonkers, New York 10701

Account no, 483060881941

Bank of America, NA 100 N Tryon st., Charlotte, US

  • Third Step: attach your payment confirmation to your signed acknowledgment to info@cleansoftware.net (you can back it with cc’ing will@cleansoftware.net).  
  • Fourth Step: expect to hear back from us within 14-21 processing days.


7. Questions or Suggestions?


Are welcome anytime. Just keep it polite and send it out to info@cleansoftware.net

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“Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

— Vince Lombardi